This week we learned about Shackleton and researched Polar animals. Today we watched a great film about his adventure.

We finished our books on Australia which we have sent home for you to share and used marking ladders to make sure we covered all the criteria. Hope you like them, they were a lot of effort.

As we worked so hard we had a little trip up to the IB art exhibition in the big school as a treat. It was amazing to see all the different types of art and we picked up a few tips and ideas for our own work. Miss Yu helped us play a short game of human chess before we came back to DUCKS.

Ella read her Passover books and we talked about Easter.

We are very sad to say bye to Miss Yu but know we will see her around as she is now teaching Mandarin- all the flowers and cards you sent in for her were lovely.

Have a great holiday and see you in a week :)
Matthew Daenen
08/04/2013 5:51am

Miss ellis you know about are homework this week can we get pictures from the inter net?


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